MobileViews Podcast 165: Pokemon Go, Evernote backlash, and more

Recorded July 9, 2016
Available via Google Music Podcasts and Apple iTunes.

  1. ‘Pokémon Go’ international rollout will be ‘paused’ as players overload the system
  2. Android N. N is for Nougat. Not Nutty McNutface.
  3. Evernote pricing change. Free service limited to syncing two devices.
  4. DuckDuckGo partnership with Yahoo More information about DuckDuckGo using Yahoo search engine in Reddit
  5. Google MyActivity: Everything Google knows about you in one place.
  6. Five years ago on June 30, 2011, Microsoft disbanded its original Windows Mobile MVP group. Today, it disbanded the consumer focused group that replaced the original group. However, this time the current MVPs were moved into a new entity called The Windows Insider MVP Program
  7. Jon’s New Tech Toy: The Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator