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MobileViews Podcast 160: MobileViews Podcast 160: Free VPNs, BASIC for Android, Gboard for iOS, Siri IoT, My TSA, & more

In this podcast Jon Westfall and I (Todd Ogasawara) discuss:

  1. Opera VPN for iOS – Free.
  2. Opera VPN in desktop browser now only works when using Private Viewing Mode.
  3. BASIC for Android.
    Includes access to graphics, audio, sensors, and network/telecom.
    BASIC! Users Guide
  4. Google Gboard for iOS
  5. Jon went back to the Native Podcast App over Overcast! What were his reasons?!?
  6. Jon’s been ordering Siri to turn on and off his lights, how has it been working?
    (iHome iSP5 WiFi SmartPlug)
  7. T10 Car Wireless MP3
  8. My TSA app for iOS and Android