MobileViews Podcast 158: Is the sky falling (for Apple)?

AAPL 2016.04.29

  1. Is the sky falling on Apple? First drop in iPhone sales. Ref: USA Today
  2. Steve Jobs once told Tim Cook never ask what he would do and just do things right (Ref: TIME. One has to wonder if that is what’s happening, though. Or , if not, should it be happening despite Jobs’ advice?
  3. More falling skies: Intel’s Atom Cancellation Has Big Ramifications for a Surface Phone on
  4. Google Play Store and “over a million apps” could be headed to Chrome OS. Ref: ars technica. Ron Amadeo also speculated a year or so ago that Chrome OS and Android would somehow be merged. I would buy a ChromeBook if I could run Android apps on it.
  5. Wearable Discussion: Jon’s impressions after a year with the Apple Watch, Todd’s after 6 months with the Moto 360. Giz article claims “Doesn’t really do anything that anybody needs” Ref: Gizmodo
  6. Somewhat disappointed I can’t use Google’s new MODE wrist bands for Android Wear watches. Ref: Official Android Blog

And, finally, this is not a tech topic. However, Jon mentioned he often plays with a pen by spinning it and I mentioned the amazing pen spinning videos from Japan. Here’s a video that collects a number of pen spinning demonstrations.