MobileViews Mini-podcast 27: Recording with the August EP715 active noise cancellation earbuds

I’m using the relatively inexpensive (I think I paid less than $40) August EP715 – Active Noise Cancelling Earphones – Hands-free Calling with Integrated Microphone to record this mini-podcast.

The earbud seem to fit well in my ears. It is a one-size fits all design. There aren’t any alternative ear pieces if the fit is not good. Its microphone is on a label clip. This surprised me a bit. It has a pause/play button on the label clip. However, it does not have any volume control which would be very useful to have. The AAA battery pack to power the earbuds hangs off of a micro-USB cable that is paired with the 3.5mm jack. It can also be plugged into a phone’s plug for power (instead of using the battery pack). August provides a micro-USB to Lightning adapter if you use an iPhone or iPad. I’m really not sure the noise cancellation does what I expected it to do. I didn’t notice any diminished white or pink noise during some informal testing. There does seem to be a slight volume increase. But, I can still hear low frequency sounds that I had hope would be reduced. I will test it a bit more and discuss it in another podcast.