MobileViews Podcast 131: Ad blocking, iOS 9, iPad Pro, Jon’s thank you re: Delta State U.

In this podcast, Jon Westfall and I (Todd Ogasawara) discuss:

– Todd’s Shoutout to SunvalleyTek Int., which distributes HooToo products through Amazon, who replaced a malfunctioning combo portable USB battery charger, travel WiFi access point, and NAS with a newer model free of charge.

– Ad blocking
uBlock Origin and Adblock Browser for Android and iOS.
Marco Arment reaches #1 on iOS Paid Apps within a day, then yanks his Safari web extensionad blocker, Peace

– iOS 9 released- any issues?
— Podcast app is awful (Jon switched last summer to Overcast because he was tired of Apple continually making Podcast app worse and worse)
— Siri needs training and seems less responsive
— Screen orientation problem
— iCloud Drive problem

– Jon upgraded a Mid-2009 MacBook Pro to El Capitan!

Windows 10 build 10547 released Sept. 18

– iPad Pro

– Lastly: Jon thanks everyone for the support they gave during the shooting at Delta State University this week. It was much appreciated. I’ve learned two things this week: 1. There are a lot of people who care about me and 2. Members of the televised media are terrible human beings. You can read Jon’s full commentary here.
NOTE: Jon is an Assistant Professor at Delta State University. We also discussed how communications and technology worked during the crisis period.