MobileViews Podcast 127: Back to school Teachers’ Edition

In this podcast, Jon Westfall and I (Todd Ogasawara) discuss:

  1. Former high flyers HTC, GroupOn, and StumbleUpon all downsizing
  2. Drones – the new Google Glass. From cool to despised
  3. Apple Boot Camp now supports Windows 10 installation
  4. Alphabet holding company for Google and spin-offs like Niantic Labs
  5. Jon’s App Pick of the Week: Threes (An oldie but goodie (1 year ago or so) tile game). Similar to 2048.

Back to School Tips: Teacher Edition!

  1. – Send text reminders to students, for FREE
  2. – Scantron tests without the scantron, $7 a year
  3. Moodle – Best Learning Management System on the planet, for FREE
  4. VLC – Cue videos exactly as you want, drag drop via iTunes.
  5. EventZilla – Set up free events and email tickets… for FREE
  6. YouCanBook.Me – Syncs to your google calendar, students can schedule appointments.
  7. Classroom Response:
    Socrative – Web based clickers – Fun games
    Plickers – Paper clickers
  8. Evernote – Free or premium, best tool for organization.
  9. Google Cloud Print – Print to your office computer from your personal device. Or mobile device using a cloud print app.
  10. TeamViewer – Access network resources from home