MobileViews Podcast 126: Return of the Westfall & mobile tech while traveling

Regular co-host Jon Westfall rejoins me (Todd Ogasawara) on the MobileViews podcast. Thanks to Frank McPherson and Sven Johannsen for taking time out of their busy schedules to participate on the last two podcasts.

In podcast 126 Jon and I discuss:

  1. Living on the Road for 2 weeks: Where Tech has gone well, and gone poorly
  2. Apple Event on Sept 9 – what will we see? New iPhones, new iPads? new Apple TV
  3. Jon’s story of “hiding” your Apple Watch in plain sight
  4. Todd’s ExtremeTech article: Windows 10 Phone Companion app
  5. Todd’s ExtremeTech article: 360 degree movie apps for iOS: Google Spotlight Stories & Roddenberry White Room: 02B3