MobileViews Podcast 113: Ultraportable PCs, Windows apps branding, cloud storage & more

Jon Westfall and I (Todd Ogasawara) are joined by special guests Jack Cook & Sven Johannsen for this podcast.

News items

  1. Microsoft office free for devices with displays 10.1 inches or less (Ref: Recode). Note: Mobile app versions (like iPad Office components). Not Office 365/2013/2016.
  2. “Metro apps” now called “Windows app”. So, what are non-Metro apps that run in Microsoft Windows? Answer: “Windows desktop application.” More confusing Windows branding.
  3. If you don’t need Office 365 and its unlimited OneDrive storage, Amazon has an alternative. Ref: VentureBeat.
  4. Amazon Prime members get unlimited photo storage as part of the subscription package
  5. Google Music free storage went up from 25K to 50K songs Up to 300MB per song.
  6. Jon’s App Pick of the Week: Workflow App (iOS; $4.99. Mostly for the ability to make a homescreen icon.


Surface Pro 3
Lumia 2520 (RT)

OneDrive – music locker

Surface Pro 3
Surface RT (original)
Dell Venue 8 Pro
Samsung Slate

MacBook air -> MacBook Pro

Dell Venue 8 Pro
iPhone 6+