MobileViews Podcast 112

Jon Westfall and I (Todd Ogasawara) run through a hodgepodge of tech topics in this podcast.

  1. Will Microsoft’s changes to the Windows 10 recovery partition make it hard to recover from Windows 10 disk disasters? Ref: Microsoft, ZDNet
  2. Google Domains: Todd’s experiences moving domains to Google
  3. Android 5.1 update hit my 1st gen Nexus 7. No sign of it for my [Todd] Nexus 4
  4. Medium for iOS app released
  5. U.S. Federal government website dashboard launched Ref: Fedscoop
  6. Best To-Do List System?
    Jon uses ToodleDo, mostly for hotlist feature to hide tasks without a start date/time. Have tried Todoist & Wunderlist, however both seem high on looks, low on features. What do you use to track to-dos? Seems like there are dozens of options from rolling your own to using a service, and a bunch of half-solutions like Apple Reminders and Google Tasks.
  7. Google Calendar for iOS
  8. Camera+ 6.2 for iOS update. New UI for iPhone 6 & 6+