MobileViews Podcast 106: Happy 2015!

For the first MobileViews podcast of 2015, Jon Westfall and I (Todd Ogasawara) assembled a variety of topics and products to discuss:

  • Top download apps from iTunes in 2014 (Ref: MacRumors)
  • Monster Digital On-The-Go USB 16GB Storage. Thumb drive with micro-USB instead of full size connector.
  • T-Mobile pre-paid plans cheaper than to mostly identical post-paid plans.
  • Apple Pay
  • Essential Apps over Travel: GasBuddy (To know where the cheapest gas was on my route), Google Voice (No cell reception at my in-laws), Transmit by Panic (Same company that makes Coda) – mobile FTP/SFTP client, didn’t have to pull out the laptop as much!)
  • Evernote Scanable for iOS
  • App Pick of the Week: Jon: Pocket Informant (Can be overkill but set up right and it takes up less space than icons for Calendar, ToodleDo, Reminders, & Contacts)