MobileViews Podcast 105: What took so long? & Goodbye 2014

In this final podcast for 2014, Jon Westfall and I (Todd Ogasawara) rant a bit about technologies that took a long time to arrive and a couple that still aren’t here yet.

  • Video sharing from device to device
  • Automated backup systems for Microsoft Windows
  • Why don’t I have an electronic driver’s license yet?
  • Why am I still paying so much for medical care?!?
  • Why don’t fast food restaurants do online ordering like Pizza and sub shops do?
  • Why is touch Office for Windows 8/10 taking so long?
  • UI-less UIs

App picks
Todd – Brushstroke for iOS + its 99 cent illustrations add-on pack
Jon – Spritz Speedreading Apps

Year-end mentions