MobileViews Podcast 93: Splitting apps, uninstalling Chrome to get back speed, Hyperlapse

In this podcast, Todd Ogasawara and Jon Westfall discuss and rant about:

Splitting apps
1. Foursquare & Swarm (refs: Venture Beat, Google Trends)
2. Facebook & Messenger
3. Google Voice morphing into Google Hangouts

Rant tip
Uninstall Google Chrome web browser on old (say 2008 vintage) PCs and Macs to get responsiveness back. – all 32-bit

1. Android Kindle Fire vs. the world?
2. Amazon Drone vs. Google Project Wing
3. Microsoft Surface Pro vs. iPad (first) and MacBook Air (now) (ref: Motley Fool)

Time lapse photos
1. Hyperlapse by Instagram/Facebook (ref: Forbes)
2. Lapse it