April 2014

Skype group video calls now free

I haven’t tried it myself yet, but the Skype blog announced that Skype group video calls are now free.

Mobile Devices

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MobileViews Podcast 81: Streaming video boxes, Net Neutrality, apps of the week

In MobileViews Podcast 81 (recorded on April 26, 2014), Todd Ogasawara and Jon Westfall discuss.

– Streaming video set top boxes including the new Amazon Fire TV
– The 2014 version of the FCC’s view of Net Neutrality
– Apps of the week

Todd’s App of the Week: Google Camera for Kitkat 4.4 devices. The new Lens Blur feature is interesting to use. However, the chrome-less UI may annoy some

Jon’s Apps of the Week (all written by Jon):
Quick Port Tester (for Mac OS/X, $0.99) and Obscurity (for Mac OS/X, $0.99). The version for Microsoft Windows is free and available from Jon’s website.


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MobileViews Podcast 80: Amazon phone, Windows 8.1 Update, HeartBleed, Apps of the week

In this podcast, Todd Ogasawara and Jon Westfall discuss.

– The rumored Amazon smartphone. Refs: WSJ & Recode

– Windows 8.1 Update: Microsoft Surface RT update experience is different from the Asus T100 even though both have hardware connected physical keyboards


Apps of the Week
– Todd: An oldie but a goodie: Sky Map. Was Google Sky Map. Now an Open Source community driven project

– Jon: An oldie but a goodie as well: TrueCrypt (Yep, not mobile, but it does protect data on the go)


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