MobileViews 5-cent review #1: Facebook Paper

facebook_paper_20140203 Trying something new: A simpler, faster to write & post review format (read: the lazy man’s review format).

App Name: Paper – stories from Facebook (longish hard to remember app name)
Platform: iOS
Price: Free
What other reviews say: Best thing since sliced bread
What I say:
– Pretty but vapid
– Hey, someone tell Flipboard that Facebook copied its user interface!
– Difficult to read tiny type in preview thumbnails on an iPhone 5
– Difficult to look at pixelated/aliased UI on an iPad mini
– Would prefer Facebook throw a few engineers at its other apps and web interface to fix the severely broken status feed. When was the last time it sorted correctly for you?
– If Facebook dumps the current Facebook in favor of this new one, Google+ might start looking better to me
– Don’t forget the other and first app named Paper – Paper by Fifty Three

Facebook Paper’s Gestural Hell