New T-Mobile unlimited data plan does not include tethering

The new T-Mobile unlimited 4G data plan that starts on September 5 appears like a great deal for $20 or $30 a month when paired with a matching voice plan.

However, if you want to tether a WiFi device to your T-Mobile 4G phone, you should be aware that the new unlimited plan does not include tethering. In fact, you need to fall back to one of the existing 3G/4G plans if you plan to tether. The good news is that tethering is available at no extra cost with the current limited 3G/4G plans. Here’s what T-Mobile USA’s public relations firm told me when I asked about tethering and the new unlimited plan.

No, the Unlimited Nationwide 4G plans don’t allow tethering. Customers who want to connect multiple devices to one data plan can opt for one of T-Mobile’s existing 5GB or 10GB Classic or Value plans, which include the Smartphone Mobile HotSpot (tethering) feature at no additional charge.