App updates for my iPhone or iPad in the past week: 48

Forty-eight (48) apps were updated for my iPhone or iPad in the past week. Here’s a summary of the updates I found interesting.

Animoog 1.1.0 Preset categories. MIDI CC mapping. Recording time doubled.

AP Mobile 5.3 Save content to Evernote.

Audible 1.8 Better quality audio. Improved stability. NOTE: I stopped using this app because it was so unstable that it was unusuable. I am tracking its updates but do not trust it enough to return to it.

Audio Xciter Studio 1.1 Reduced battery drain. Improved performance. NOTE: I’ll provide a mini-review of a pair of audio enhancement apps soon.

foursquare 5.2.2 Nearby friends view feature is back

WordPress 3.1 User interface refreshed. New sidebar menu. Sliding panels on iPad. New simple post feature. Landscape orientation support.