Nexus 7 charging problems using 3rd party chargers?

The Nexus 7 has been my go-to tablet since receiving it less than two weeks ago. I have, however, run into a problem. It appears that the tablet may have issues when used with third party chargers. In my case, I found that the Energizer E1129701 10w USB Charger charger that I’ve used with an Apple iPad 2 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 does now work with the Nexus 7. I tried using the USB cable that came with the Nexus 7 to eliminate the possibility of a cable problem. However, this 2.1A charger was still not able to charge the Nexus 7.

A discussion over at XDA Developers indicates mixed results with a variety of third party chargers. Chargers for the Kindle Fire and HP TouchPad, interestingly, can charge the Nexus 7.