Apps updated for my iPhone or iPad in the past week: 37

Thirty-seven (37) apps were updated for my iPhone or iPad in the past week. Here’s a summary of the updates I found interesting.

foursquare 5.1 Previous versions of this app had a strong 4-star rating. This update is nearly universally reviled. The average rating is a mere 2-stars with 213 of 321 reviewers giving it a single star. Why all the hate? The app makes checking-in a hit-or-miss affair and generally appears to be buggy.

Gmail 1.2.7812 Notification center support. Alternate sender support (Send-as). Persistent login.

MyTunes Pro 2.1.0 SRS Labs’ PR firm gave me a comped evaluation copy of this app months ago. I have not reviewed it yet because the release I tried was so buggy and slow that I decided to wait for a update before reviewing it. The update is here. Was it worth the wait? You’ll find out in the near future.

TweetCaster for Twitter 2.6 Statistics enhancements.