MobileNote: Steve Ballmer’s March 2011 tablet comments reimagined…

On March 1, 2011 Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer took the stage of the conference center in Bellevue, Washington to address a bunch of Microsoft MVPs (enthusiasts). At one point he held up the tablet you see in the photo above and made some comments about it. I, quite honestly, can’t remember what he said that day. And, if I did, the information might still be covered by an NDA. So, instead, I will reimagine that day and theorize what may have been going through Mr. Ballmer’s mind as he addressed a gathering of Microsoft MVPs (enthusiasts).

So, here were are 11 months after Apple released the iPad and Microsoft still doesn’t have a response despite the fact that we released the Tablet PC 10 years ago. But, never mind, this whole post-PC thing is a bunch of hokum. This iPad thing is just a fad anyway.

In any case, stay tuned because we are going to make an announcement 15 months from now that will blow your mind! Never mind that we won’t have any actual shipping products even though Apple will probably have released its third generation iPad (which they will not call the iPad 3).

And, oh yes, we are going to be preparing to release three products named “Windows 8” that are totally incompatible app-wise. And, one of them will be branded “Windows RT” even though it will confuse the heck out of people when people also talk about “WinRT” (Windows Runtime) which is something totally different.

Yes, two years and two months after the iPad was first released we will still not have anything to challenge it.

And, hey, there’s one more thing. Between now and June 18, 2012, our stock will rise a gigantic 4 dollars per share – or a huge 15% jump! Apple will only see a puny $214 per share rise in the same time period (+59%).

So, stay tuned for the next 15 months. I’ll have more to say on June 18, 2012.