Apps updated for my iPhone or iPad in the past week: 44

Forty-four (44) apps were updated for my iPhone or iPad in the past week. Here’s a summary of the updated apps that I found interesting.

CNN App for iPhone 1.5 Consolidated app: U.S. & world news. (I never understood why it was separated in the first place)

Google Search 2.0.0 Resigned. Auto full screen. Swipe away webpages to return to results. Search within a web page. Fast access to other Google apps (Gmail, calendar, etc.). Save images to camera roll.

INRIX Traffic 4.0 Personalized traffic reports. Share INRIX arrival time with two taps. [This update appears to have caused a lot of complaints in iTunes user reviews. I stopped using it several updates ago as it appeared to lose features and become less useful)

Science Friday 2.01 Skip 30 seconds forward or backward. Configurable playback rate for downloaded audio.

WeatherBug foriPad 1.4.0 Dangerous thunderstorm alert.

WordPress 3.0 Push notifications of new cooments for hosted blogs. Swipe to moderate toolbar. Improved performance for iPad version.