What do you know? I named the “iPad” back in 2005

While searching for some information tonight, I ran across an article I wrote for O’Reilly Media’s MacDevCenter way back on October 25, 2005.

When will Apple re-enter the PDA Market?

Palm OS had just been sold to Japan’s Access. And, I wrote that I hoped Apple would re-enter the PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) market it had created (pre-Jobs) with the Newton. In the article I wrote:

The Apple iPod is already half-way to becoming a PDA. All it really lacks in on-device user-input for contacts, events, etc (let’s just forget the Motorola ROKR iTunes Phone for now, please).

Competition is good for consumers in the gadget space. So, Mr. Jobs, I hope you consider re-entering Apple in the PDA space with the, uh, hmm Apple iPad (iSlate? iNote?) (yeah, no one will hire me as a marketing person, I know).

Would you buy an Apple iPad?

To this day no one has hired me to be a marketing person. But, hey, I named the iPad! Who knew 🙂