Apps updated for my iPhone or iPad in the past week: 39

Thirty-nine (39) apps for my iPhone or iPad were updated in the past week. Here’s a summary of the updates that I found interesting.

Adobe Ideas 2.0 Free 2GB Adobe Creative Cloud storage (requires membership). Sync to Creative Cloud.

Evernote 4.2.0 Improvements for iPhone: Easy access to attachment features. Redesigned on-screen note information. Improved note editing capabilities. Improved checkbox functions.

Google+ New stream/navigation experience (horrible IMHO).

Pocket 4.1 Swipe left/right to enable page flipping. Automatic URL clipboard detection.

Science Friday BE 2.0 Skip 30 seconds forwards/backwards. Configurable playback rate. AirPlay support.

Yelp 5.8.0 Comment on friends’ check-ins. Write longer tips.