[CORRECTION] Skype for Windows Phone beta available. But, there’s a trick to get it

My old friend Don Sorcinelli (@DPSJ) pointed out a trick to get the Skype for Windows Phone beta to download and install. First, here’s what does not work.

  1. Going to the Zune Marketplace on a desktop PC running Windows using the link provided by the Skype blog announcement
  2. Searching for Skype in the Windows Phone Marketplace app on the phone

What does work is following the link provided by Skype for the beta from the Windows Phone’s browser itself. This takes you to the app product page (that cannot be found using search within the Marketplace app) where you can install the Skype beta app. Here’s the link:

Skype for Windows Phone beta < - View this blog item in a Windows Phone browser and click on this link. Thanks to Don for pointing out my error.

Skype, now owned by Microsoft, finally released a beta version of a Skype app for Microsoft’s own Windows Phone Mobile platform.

Skype brings voice and video calling to Windows Phone users around the globe (Skype blog)

However, it looks like if you have a Windows Phone device that is not on the list of supported phones), you cannot download and install the beta release from either the phone’s app store app or the Zune Marketplace. It looks like any first generation Windows Phone smartphone owner is out of luck at this point. You can see in the screenshot of the Zune software for Windows above that there is no option available to send the app to a phone connected with my account.