Apps updated for my iPhone & iPad in the past week: 41

Forty-one (41) of the apps for my iPad &/or iPhone were updated in the past week. Apps that do not have comments in the list below indicates that the update is simply a bug fix release. The vast majority of updates are solely bug fixes.

AppCraft 1.54

Bloomberg for iPad 1.1.1

CNN App for iPad 1.5.1

Death Rally 2.2

Dolphin Browser 3.5 Fullscreen support.

Editions by AOL 1.1.8

Evernote 4.1.8 Predictive note titles based on location, time & other contextual information.

Evernote Food 1.0.2

Evernote Hello 1.1 Add people you meet by sharing your phone. Wait! What? Hand your phone to a near stranger? Not a good idea IMHO.

eWallet GO! 1.1.2

Flower Garden 2.90

FLUD 2.2

foursquare 4.2

Free Translator 1.6.4

Gibson Learn & Master 1.6 Chord chart is back!

Gravilux 2.1

Hatchi 1.1.1

Hulu Plus 2.4.3

I Am T-Pain 2.0.2

Instagram 2.1 Lux photo enhancement option added.

Livestand from Yahoo!

Moviefone Movies for iPad 1.2.2 2.6

NASA App HD 1.24

Nike+ GPS 3.3.1

Pandora Radio 3.1.20

PaperPort Anywhere 1.3.0

Picture Effect Magic 2.4

Pogoplug 4.3.5

Prezi Viewer 2.7 Facebook login

Science Friday BE 1.13

Spotify 0.4.23 Stream or sync at 320kbps. Facebook one-tap login

TeamViewer HD 7.0.9413

TuneWiki 3.3.2

Waze GPS & traffic 3.1 Hands free operation via voice commands to share road events or to invoke Waze navigation

WeatherBug 2.0.0 New UI. Pollen and UV data added

WHERE 4.2.4 Deals from Living Social. Share offers via Twitter.

Where To? 4.1 Multiple pictures per place.

Wikipedia Mobile 2.2.2

Yelp 5.6.0 Take photos and get feedback