The Starbucks iPhone app is going away. But, where is the new one?

The most used mobile ecommerce app on my iPhone is Starbucks Mobile Card app. The app is currently issuing a messages telling users that it will be discontinued soon and to install the new app. However, if you tap the banner as instructed to get the new app, you are led to the App Store entry for the current app (the one that says it is going away). So, what is going on?

It looks like the replacement app is buggy or, from the point of view of the end-user, non-functional and was pulled from the App Store. Here are some comments on the current’s app’s product page:

Don't delete your mobile card app!

by Upset loyal misto drinker!!
I downloaded the new starbucks app to replace the mobile card app because it told me to and they are discontinuing. Big mistake!!!! All of my rewards and cards are gone in the new app and online in my account! GONE! I tried to reregister and it says the cards are already registered. I can not find them anywhere and they are definitely not linked to me! I've been gold for years and it said I'm now green again! Thank god I still have the gift cards or I would have lost $100! I am extremely frustrated and upset with this new app!!! I will be calling as soon as I can!
Do NOT delete the old mobile card app!!!

Bring back the old Ap NOW!

by Cameronpashak
I have tried 3 times to reload my card via my visa but I got 3 errors and I gave up. But then I went to my credit card statement and it has pre-authorized my credit card account 3 x 25 for 75 dollars and that takes 5-7 business days to release. I did this originally for the points to get a free coffee but I think it's time to support small business America anyway and find a local small outfit locally that an owner can address me by my first name every miring. Don't download this one if you have the old one.