Apps updated for my iPhone & iPad in the past week: 30

Thirty (30) of the apps for my iPad &/or iPhone were updated in the past week. Apps that do not have comments in the list below indicates that the update is simply a bug fix release.

Action Movie FX 1.1 New video fx: Demolition Rock. New FX packages available for purchase.

Bing 3.02

Brisksaber 1.1.0 Yoda added.

Civilization Revolution 1.7.3

Constitution 1.4.3Howard Chandler Christy painting added.

Death Rally 2.1

DMD Panorama 1.1.4 Auto-save. Faster stitching.

Echofon for Twitter 5.1.3

Epocrates 4.1.1

Frisbee Forever 1.2.0 10 new master levels. New trophies.

HeyStaks (for iPad) 1.5.2

iBooks 2.0 iBooks textbooks support. Refer to my how-to article on BYTE to learn how to use iBooks Author to create iBooks textbooks.

INRIX Traffic 3.6 Landscape mode. Cup holder mode (works upside down)

Intellicast HD 2.1.2

LinkedIn 4.2.2

MetalStorm: Wingman 4.0.4

Netflix 2.02

Pandora Radio 3.1.19

Parkmobile 2.1.2

Picture Effect Magic 2.2

Pinball HD 2.5

Rdio 1.3.2

Roambi 4.3.44121 File Expiration. Dual Axis Charts. Salesforce Chatter.

Skitch for iPad 1.0.2 Fixed Evernote sharing problem.

Snoopy’s Street Fair 1.0.4

Songsterr 1.3 Offline Mode. History Tab.

Textbooks (Kno) 2.2 Flashcards. Smartlinks

Urbanspoon 1.19 Dineline can now be added to Facebook Timeline.

Ustream 2.2.1

Weddar 1.7