8 Apps Booted off my Droid

Android 1.0 design decisions continue to plague my Android experience. I booted 8 apps off of my Droid today to get back some much needed system storage space. Of the 8 apps booted off only Firefox allowed itself to be moved to SD flash storage. However, it is so slow on the Droid, I decided to uninstall it. Two of the apps that would not install to an SD were actually small and did not impact the storage situation much. The 7 apps that do not relocate to an SD card and got booted off are:

CNBC 0.344
Google Goggles 3.38
Google Reader 2.29
INRIX Traffic 2.93
PdaNet 0.276
State Farm Pocket Agent 3.73
The Weather Channel 2.52

A total of 15.47MB of app storage space was recovered by uninstalling these apps.