December 2009

Ustream Live Broadcaster Video Recorded Using an iPhone 3G (not 3GS)

The iPhone 3G doesn’t have the native ability to record video. However, the recently released Ustream Live Broadcaster (a free iPhone app) gives it this ability. This video was recorded using an iPhone 3G.


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Google Goggles (Visual Search) for Android Video Demo

Sorry for the difficult to see screen demo on the Droid. Brightness cranked up but still nearly impossible to see. But, I wanted to quickly put up some kind of demo of Google Goggles running on a Droid. So, here it is such as it is 🙂


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Podcast 39: Nuance Speech to Text Powering AT&T Voicemail to Text Service – John Pollard/GM

In Podcast 39 I speak with Nuance Communications General Manager John Pollard about the their speech-to-text techology that powers the recently announced AT&T Wireless Voicemail to Text service (a $9.99 per month service).

– John Pollard technology industry background
– Information about Nuance
– How AT&T Voicemail to Text works
– Value proposition?

Audio quality note: John and I bought had problems with Skype the morning of the podcast (December 4). So, I used my LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen to record the discussion from a conventional phone call. I used an HTC Touch Pro2 (Windows Mobile 6.1) phone on my side of the conversation. I mixed the stereo audio recorded by the pen’s headset down to mono so that John’s voice could be heard over both speakers instead of just the left channel.

This podcast is 21 minutes and 41 seconds long.

– You can listen to the podcast right now from your web browser by using the embedded player above.
– You can also subscribe to the podcast in iTunes or this RSS feed.
– You can also point your smartphone’s browser at to listen to or download the MP3 file over the air to your phone.

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