Mini-Podcast 17: Voice Recorder for Android Sound Sample

I’m always looking for voice recording apps that might help me in my podcasting projects. I tried the free Voice Recorder app for Android by Mamoru Tokashiki over the weekend. You can hear a sample of the voice recording I made using the app on my Droid in the mini-podcast embedded above.

I ran into a couple of problems using Voice recorder on my Droid:

– It crashed a couple of times
– Its home screen widget did not work
– It stops recording if the Droid is moved
– The resultng recording has a low volume. I used Audacity to increase the volume of the recording to product the mini=podcast
– I think, but am not 100% certain, that the app caused the Droid’s battery to drain rapidly. I uninstalled the app to test this possibility

The app itself has a nice simple and easy to understand interface. I like its ability to both save and email a sound recording. I’ll make a note to check on this app’s progress a few months into 2010 to see if it might make its way into my toolset.

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