November 2009

Photo: MacBook Pro 17 Partially Closed (just thought it looked cool)


Passed by a partially closed MacBook Pro 17 and asked permission to take a photo of it because I thought it looked cool.


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iPhone Reported Connection to Cingular (old name) Instead of AT&T


Had to soft-reset my iPhone the other day after it got “stuck” (frozen). Noticed that its status reported being connected to the old “Cingular” name instead of AT&T. Cingular was the name used before


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HTC Daylight Savings Notification Message – Useless to Me


The more I learn about the HTC Touch Pro2 I bought in August, the less I like it. I really dislike that HTC removed much needed hardware features like the navigation pad and various keyboard keys (OK, Start, Tab, etc.) it really reduces the usefulness of the TP2 compared to other Windows Mobile phones I’ve used that provided those features.

But, I mostly dislike the TouchFlo 3D features (which I’ve turned off) and other HTC modifications (which I can’t) to Windows Mobile. I noted this morning, for example, HTC’s message about the changing the clock from Daylight Savings to Standard Time. I suppose this is useful to many people. But, I imagine that people in my part of the world where we don’t observe Daylight Savings or the switch back to Standard Time may have been confused by the message. In fact, I had to make sure it had not “fallen back” and set the TP2’s time to what would be the wrong time for me (it did not, fortunately).

Windows Mobile

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