October 2009

Google Market Cap Overtook Apple on Oct. 16 (Fri)


I remember being a little surprised when Apple’s (AAPL) market cap caught up and overtook Google’s (GOOG) earlier this year. I wondered at the time how long that would last. Apple’s stock share price has been on a tear for most of this year. It has more than doubled since the beginning of 2009 (up around 120%). Google’s share price is up nearly 80% since the beginning of the year. But because of the arithmetic involved (share price times number of shares available), Google’s market cap is back to being larger than Apple’s again as of October 16, 2009.

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MobileViews Blog Back Up & Running

Had a problem with my web hosting service saying this site was using too much memory and processor resources. They cut off access to the site. I upgraded to a virtual private server service and all seems well now.

Back to mobile blogging…


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Podcast 36: AP Stylebook for iPhone, AP Mobile News, & Blogger Citation-A Conversation with AP VP Jane Seagrave

In Podcast 36, I speak with Jane Seagrave who is a Senior Vice President Global Product Development at the Associated Press (AP). Here’s what you can find in this 21 minute 31 second podcast conversation:

– Discussion of the AP’s recently released AP Stylebook iPhone app’s high price ($28.99 compared to $18.95 for the paper version which is available for $12.89 from Amazon)
– The state of AP’s mobile friendly website (apnews.com) and free iPhone Mobile News app.
– Slightly off-topic but of personal interest to me: What is the situation for bloggers citing AP news reports? Will armies of lawyers descend on a blogger who directly links to an AP news story? Listen to the blog to hear the answer.

– You can listen to the podcast right now from your web browser by using the embedded player above.
– You can also subscribe to the podcast in iTunes or this RSS feed.
– You can also point your smartphone’s browser at mobiletoday.podbean.com to listen to or download the MP3 file over the air to your phone.


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Poll: Should Voice Calls over WiFi Be Allowed on Flights

Started a poll over on the MobileContentToday.com blog that I write for (MobileVIews is my personal mobile tech blog)…

MobileContentToday Poll: Should Voice Calls Using WiFi Be Allowed During Flights?

Got a “yes” or “no” opinion on the topic? Take the poll I set up on MisterPoll.com:

Should Voice Calls over WiFi Be Allowed on Flights

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