Podcast 36: AP Stylebook for iPhone, AP Mobile News, & Blogger Citation-A Conversation with AP VP Jane Seagrave

In Podcast 36, I speak with Jane Seagrave who is a Senior Vice President Global Product Development at the Associated Press (AP). Here’s what you can find in this 21 minute 31 second podcast conversation:

– Discussion of the AP’s recently released AP Stylebook iPhone app’s high price ($28.99 compared to $18.95 for the paper version which is available for $12.89 from Amazon)
– The state of AP’s mobile friendly website (apnews.com) and free iPhone Mobile News app.
– Slightly off-topic but of personal interest to me: What is the situation for bloggers citing AP news reports? Will armies of lawyers descend on a blogger who directly links to an AP news story? Listen to the blog to hear the answer.

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