Podcast 34: Smule “I Am T-Pain” iPhone app – Ge Wang CTO/Co-Founder

In Podcast 34, I had the great pleasure of speaking with Smule CTO/co-founder Ge Wang again (we first spoke in Jaunary 2009). The topic this time is the phenomenal $2.99 iPhone music app…

I Am T-Pain

It combines Smule’s iPhone sonic app programming savvy with the branding of musical artist T-Pain and his signature use of Antares’ Auto-Tune product. Auto-Tune corrects a singer’s pitch. In most cases, you never know it was used to “fix” a pitch error made by a singer during a recording session. T-Pain, however, uses Auto-Tune as a musical instrument in its own right. Its use in this manner, by the way, is somewhat controversial.

So, please join me for Podcast 34 as Ge Wang and I spend a bit over 30 minutes talking about the business angle, technology, and music behind the “I Am T-Pain” app.

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