Mini-Podcast 12: Recorded in a Noisy Downtown Area Using an HTC Touch Pro2

Although I only started podcasting regularly starting late last year (2008), I’ve been testing mobile podcast recording options for about two years now. I’ve tried a bunch of Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and smartphones, a LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen (which actually does a pretty good job of it) and an iPhone 3G. I would say the LiveScribe pen has the best recorded sound quality of all those devices. But, the problem is that because of the pen’s odd design and lack of a pen tip cap and pocket clip, it is not something I carry with me except when I know I am going to use it.

It is a bit early to say for sure, but it looks like the HTC Touch Pro2 may be the right device for mobile podcast recordings. Its recordings have small but noticeable audio compression artifacts. But, I think the overall audio quality is acceptable for podcasts (especially short ones like my infrequent, so far, mini-podcasts). However, I was very impressed by signal-to-noise ratio (me talking vs. everything else) in this podcast which was recorded in busy downtown area next to a busy street.

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