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The Return of the Windows Mobile Theme Generator!

It was interesting to read about the return of the theme generator for Windows Mobile buried near the end of the press release about developers involved with the launch of the new Windows Marketplace for Mobile…

Microsoft Gains Support for Next Generation of Windows® Phones

In addition, the new Theme Generator will provide people with yet another way to personalize their Windows® phone. The Theme Generator, available at later this year, will enable Windows® phone users to select pictures from their PC to set as background images, as well as choose colors to personalize their navigation bar, scroll bar and highlighted text. Once finished, their personal theme will be sent to their phone.

Themes were one of the hot items when it first appeared for the Pocket PC years ago. In fact, I found it so much fun, I wrote a little Windows Mobile app to help people calculate how to properly crop or shrink a photo to fit in the Today screen and Start Menu drop-down.