LifeHacker Says iPhone 2 < Android < iPhone 3

I thought LifeHacker’s article…

Android Versus iPhone 3.0: The Showdown

…would be just another item with providing a generic comparison of a few features. But, nope, anyone interested in a feature-by-feature comparison of the current iPhone 2.0 firmware features with the current Google Android features and the upcoming iPhone 3.0 features should take a look at the color coded matrix in the article where light-red/pink indicates missing features, a pale green indicates feature presence and a pale yellow includes availability with provisions. According to this scorecard the current iPhone 2.0 units are missing a lot of features, Android has over half of the features with a lot of provisions, and iPhone 3.0 is nearly all green. Nice matrix. Run over there to read it, then come back here 🙂