Phoenix HyperSpace Hybrid & Dual Editions vs. Atom N270, N520, & N530 Processors

Brad: There are two versions of HyperSpace: Hybrid & Dual. Hybrid requires a CPU that supports Intel VT-x hardware virtualization assist. The Atom N270 is most netbooks does not support VT-x. So, you probably saw the HyperSpace Dual version running which is not quite as slick as the Hybrid edition. The Atom Z530 in the high end Dell mini 12 supports VT-x and should be able to run HyperSpace Hybrid. I’m guessing Asus will use the Z530 in newer netbooks. BTW, the lower end Mini 12s use the Z520 which does not support VT-x. I have a brief item about HyperSpace and netbook processors on my blog at:

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