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I launched a new weekly feature over on my day-job-blog: called App of the Week. The recognition cuts across all the major mobile smartphone platforms. You can find the announcement and the first App of the Week, Ilium Software’s eWallet, at…

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I think I can do a pretty good job IDing apps for Windows Mobile, iPhone, and Google Android. But, since I’m not a Blackberry or Symbian Series 60 (Nokia, etc.) user, I could use some help ID-ing apps that people should know about in those areas. If you have a recommendation or a write-up on your own site, please let me know. If you look at my site, you know I provide full attribution when I find something interesting on other sites/blogs. So, I’d be happy to link to your review or commentary on app.

Of course, I would be grateful to pointers to good apps for Windows Mobile, iPhone, and Google Android too. The somewhat lesser known apps would be good. I’d like to try to give awareness of interesting products to end-users and a way for developers to make a living. Freeware or for-fee products are all fine for recommendations.