Windows Mobile 6.1 Mutterings Part 1: Internet Explorer’s Brain Transplant

Windows Mobile 6.1 Internet Explorer

I haven’t played with Windows Mobile 6.1 myself. So, I’m not sure how much Windows Mobile 6.1 muttering I have to,um, mutter. But, here’s the first thing about WiMo 6.1 that interested me: Internet Explorer. The word is that WiMo’s brain-dead web browser is getting replaced by a browser that can deliver desktop experience (or as best as it can be on a tiny screen). Looks like the iPhone’s super Safari browser has pushed Microsoft’s WiMo team to finally bring the browser into the 21st century.

The bad news is that 6.1 devices with the new browser aren’t scheduled to show up until the 4th quarter of 2008.

The potential good news is that perhaps some of the ultramobile class notebook manufacturers many take a look at Windows Mobile for their Asus Eee PC class devices now instead of relatively gigantic Windows XP and ginourmous Windows Vista. The old Windows CE Handheld PCs were great. They should be brought back now that WiMo has a real browser to compete with the non-Windows UMPCs that are taking over the subnotebook market.