Motorola T305 Bluetooth Hands Free Speaker

Motorola T305 Bluetooth Speaker

I really don’t like using phone headsets. I’ve bought a couple of and have used them sparingly. But, they are just plain uncomfortable in warm weather environments. And, I can’t hear my podcasts clearly when listening to them in the car with one ear blocked. So, I finally got around to buying the Motorola T305 Bluetooth Speaker from a local Costco (under $50). It came with both a car charger as well as an A/C adapter. Best of all, it has a standard mini-USB jack for charging. So, my portable charger should work fine with it.

I tested it with a T-Mobile Dash (Windows Mobile 6 Standard Edition) and it seems to work fine. It has a metal clip to clip it to the visor. Here’s hoping it is loud enough to use for those rare times I need to make or receive a phone call while in the car.