Engadget Describes the Limits of Verizon’s Unlimited Plans

Engadget points out the limits of the new Verizon Wireless Unlimited Plans. It looks like the way to read the three offerings are: Somewhat unlimited, sort of unlimited, and unlimited but pricey. These plans can also have two-person and three-person family plans (Sprint and T-Mobile family plans include up to 5 phones if I recall correctly. Not sure what the AT&T Wireless family plans look like).

Addendum: It looks like everyone else is joining the Unlimited Club. AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile announced similar plans at the same price ($99). And, Sprint PCS’ existing plans are so close that you might was well call it unlimited. Does anyone really need more that 2000 minutes per month plus free nights and weekends? That’s like 1.5+ hours of talking per weekend (remember nights and weekends are free).