Manufacturers Can’t Build Linux Based Ultraportables Fast Enough

The Wired article Linus Torvalds on Why Users Aren’t Flocking to Linux has the Linux creator rationalizing why Linux hasn’t been accepted on the desktop. My message to Mr. Torvalds: Dude, don’t worry about the desktop – Linux has conquered and cornered the ultraportable market! I just went over to ZaReason to check on the availability of the Everex CloudBook and read: We have currently sold our initial batch of Cloudbooks. Please check back after Feb 15th to see if we have received more stock by then. Thank you for your interest. Amazon seems to be able to barely be able to get the webcam “high end” version of the Eee PC (the webcam-less Surf model seems easy to find though). The OLPC folks seems unable to figure out how to get their boxes into the hands of all the people who took part in the Give One Get One (G1G1) program (happy to say we got ours at the beginning of the year). The notebook/subnotebook/ultraportable market is where all the interest is these days. The desktop is relegated to vertical tasks like high end gaming. So, Linux, don’t worry about the Desktop. Linux is making good headway in the UMPC market.