Windows Mobile 7 Request: Let IE Render iPhone Sites iPhone formatted site on a Pocket PC

There is nothing wrong with your display. This is what the site formatted for viewing on the iPhone ( looks like when rendered on a Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition (AKA Professional Edition).

The Windows Mobile product people always ask people to give them examples or use-cases of issues outsiders bring to them. Then, they ask to justify why resources should be spent on solving that problem rather that something else already in the queue. Ok, how about this then…

ISSUE: Windows Mobile 6’s Internet Explorer browser for the Professional (touch screen) and Standard (non-touch screen) cannot render sites designed specifically for the Apple iPhone (or iPod touch).

RESOLUTION: Fix Internet Explorer for Windows Mobile 7 so that it can correctly render web sites designed and optimized for the iPhone.

JUSTIFICATION: It sure looks like lots of major sites are designing web sites specifically for the iPhone’s Safari browser. They are not building sites for WiMo IE. This means your customers (like me) are shut out of these sites (many of which are very useful and/or just plain interesting). The iPhone is making inroads to your customer base: Corporations. Even if you don’t care about individual consumers like me, you probably do care about your corporate clients who can bolt in large numbers.