GettingTasksDone Doesn’t Support OpenID on an iPhone or iPod touch

Saw a blog post over on jkOnTheRun asking if anyone tried using the iPhone formated website for on an iPod touch. I figured, hey, I have an iPod touch so I’ll check it out. Given my inability to learn to tap-type on the touch’s screen, I headed over to the normal desktop formatted version of the website to login. It said it supported OpenID, so I logged in with my OpenID instead of going through the registration process. This OpenID login procedure seemed to break near the end of the process. But refreshing my screen indicated that I was logged in. I created a pair of tasks and then went back to the iPod touch. But, guess what, the iPhone formatted site doesn’t seem to let me login with OpenID. Since, I’m too lazy to register for this site, I let it go at this point.

It does look like the iPhone formatted site works fine on an iPod touch (no surprise). But, I wish it worked with OpenID too. If you are not familiar with OpenID, click on the link for it above and read a bit about it. You’ll probably like the concept once you learn more about it.