Vito Technology SoundExplorer: Sound Test

Vito Technology SoundExplorer

I’ve been toying with the idea of recording short podcasts using just a Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone. How short is short? About the time it takes to brush your teeth or less šŸ™‚

I posted four previous tests to my Blogr account at Thanks to Vito Technology, I was able to post a 5th test to that site tonight. I installed their SoundExplorer audio recorder on my HTC Advantage Pocket PC Phone Edition to make the test recording. Windows Mobile’s built-in recorder only records WAV audio files. These things can become large very quickly. And, some of the free web audio posting sites (like Tumblr) only accept MP3 files. Fortunately, SoundExplorer can record directly to an MP3 file and in various formats. I chose the higher quality 44KHz 16bit 96Kbps recording format to get the best quality sound.

The 30 second clip I recorded created a 358KB file. This is much much smaller than the file size required to contain a equivalent quality 30 second WAV sound recording.

One problem (to me anyway) is that I recorded the clip in a relatively quiet room this evening. And, wow, my voice sounds really boring. So, I’m going to make another test recording during the day outdoors to see if some real-world ambient noise makes it sound just a tiny bit more interesting and life-like šŸ™‚

You can listen to the 30-second audio clip I recorded using SoundExplorer at: MobileViews Mini-cast 5.