Windows Mobile is Apparently Not Interesting to the U.S.

Google Trends for Windows Mobile

If put our faith in the results of Google Trends (now updated daily), then we in the U.S. apparently don’t care enough about Windows Mobile to search for it in Google compared to the rest of the world. If you take a look at…

Google Trends results for Windows Mobile

…you’ll find that the U.S. does not even show up in the top 10 world regions (countries) searching for the term Windows Mobile. San Francisco does show up at #4 in the cities list, however. However, if you limit the search region to the U.S., Redmond (home of Microsoft’s main campus) shows up as the #1 city followed by Seattle, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco again in position #4. Huh? Shouldn’t S.F. be #1 for the US if it is #4 worldwide? And, in less that 12 hours, the city rankings changed completely with S.F. dropping out altogether. Personally, I think that Google Trends is not quite firing on all cylinders.