Apple iPod touch

I’ve been saying since the introduction of the Apple iPhone that I just wanted the “i” part and didn’t need the “Phone” part of it. Today, with the introduction of the iPod touch, I got my wish.. or at least part of it.
Here’s what’s missing from the iPod touch when compared to the iPhone…

  • Phone radio (of course!)
  • Bluetooth radio (aargh!)
  • Camera (sigh…)
  • Microphone and speakers (no VoIP either)
  • Email client (for IMAP4 and POP3)
  • Google Maps client

Still, what is left is pretty good. You can watch a video introduction on Apple’s site here (though the choice of spokes-person leaves me a bit baffled).

Apple iPod touch Guided Tour
I ordered mine this evening with shipment currently scheduled for late this month. So, you can expect to read iPod touch rants and/or raves sometime next month.