Finding/Getting Windows Mobile Support

From a gadget owner’s point of view, there is nothing more frustrating that one that isn’t working the way you think it should. One comment posted here is how do you contact Microsoft for a Windows Mobile problem. You can find direct Microsoft contact information at…

Microsoft: Contact Us

Be aware that there may be a fee involved if you contact Microsoft for support for a specific problem outside of your initial support period (right after you buy a device). I suggest visiting one of the many mobile device community sites. Here’s a couple created by Microsoft itself to consider…

Microsoft Public Newsgroups (NNTP client such as Outlook Express or Vista Mail required)

Microsoft Windows Mobile Owners Circles Forums (web based)
There are also many excellent 3rd party sites with large and active communities. You might want to start two that were founded and managed by an old friend of mine: Jason Dunn.

Pocket PC Thoughts (AKA Professional Edition & Classic Edition)

Smartphone Thoughts (aka Standard Edition)

There are, of course, many other great sites. And, I’ll list them somewhere on MobileViews later. But, I have to rush off to my day job now 🙂