Mobile Tech While Immobile

I called in sick today after not getting much sleep (something I ate disagreed with me or I have a mild virus of some kind). I had hoped it would clear up in a couple of hours so I could either wander back to work or get some work done at home. But, that didn’t happen. I was reminded though that mobile technology can be really useful when you are immobile too. I didn’t feel comfortable sitting at a desktop or notebook. But, I wanted to check my email and see what was going on in the world every couple of hours. So, I kept a WiFi-enabled Pocket PC (an old Dell Axim X50) nearby. It helped me avoid listening to the blaring music on CNN, MSNBC and other news channels. I basically just used the built-in email and browser as well as Ilium Software’s NewsBreak to keep me up-to-date when the urge to be connected for a minute or two struck.

An iPod with a decent set of external speakers (headphones are uncomfortable too when you are not at 100%) with a bunch podcasts provided informative and (again) non-annoying ambient sound. The speakers were the Logitech mm50. Its sound quality is pretty decent. But, I wish its integrated rechargeable batteries had a bit more battery life.

Nothing complex or fancy here. But, these mobile products sure kept me from suffering from the ol’ sick day summer cabin fever syndrome. Stay healthy folks!