ActiveSync vs. Hibernate & ActiveSync vs. Poke in the Eye

If you think I rant about ActiveSync, check out my friend Ed Hansberry’s blog item on titled…

Windows Mobile Device Center Poked Me In The Eye

…where he describes a particularly painful encounter with ActiveSync the Next Generation (aka Windows Mobile Device Center – WMDC) which deleted as he says: …about 90% of my files from both the PC and device, so there were really no files to be found. Ouch!

In my effort to conserve energy and reduce my personal carbon footprint, I’ve been using Hibernate with both Windows XP and Windows Vista for the past two months or so (you can check out my new GreenTechies blog if you are interested in such things… One of my slogans is: You don’t need to believe in global warming to want to save money 🙂 And, guess what piece of software seems to get particularly confused by Hibernating a system? [In my best Mr. Rogers’ voice] You are right… I knew you could guess that… I don’t use my Vista PC to sync regularly with a Windows Mobile device (just for testing). So, I don’t really see it over there yet. But, Windows XP + Hibernate + ActiveSync 4.5 doesn’t paint a pretty picture. If you know how to stablize ActiveSync on a hibernating PC, please let me know.